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For Parole In Ontario

Consultation Before Sentencing

If you know in advance you are facing a jail sentence, we can work with you, your family, and your defence lawyer to answer your questions and put you in the best possible position. Getting it right from the beginning can make a big difference. We also work with many clients who are already in custody.

Parole Hearings and Preparation

We represent our clients at their parole hearings. The experience is very different from trial, but having an experienced lawyer there is a huge advantage. We also help our clients to prepare and develop their release plans in advance, so the Parole Board sees what they need to see in order to say "yes."

Parole Revocation and Breach

When someone is on release and they are accused of breaching their parole, the hearing they will face before the Parole Board is critically important. The Parole Board can, and often does, order that the accused person go back in jail for the rest of their sentence. Contact us immediately for help.

Representation is Affordable

And Legal Aid is Accepted

Many clients in custody qualify for legal aid and don't realize it. Contact us immediately to learn more. Our pricing for those who either need or prefer to pay privately is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. Consultation is always free.

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Meet The Team

Jeff Rybak

Parole Lawyer and Criminal Defence

Jeff Rybak

Parole Lawyer and Criminal Defence

An experienced parole lawyer as well as defence counsel, Jeff has represented hundreds of clients in hearings before the Ontario Parole Board. Based in Toronto, he regularly travels to Central North Correctional Centre in Penetanguishene, Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, and others.

Rachel Neizer

Parole Lawyer

Rachel Neizer

Parole Lawyer

As the only lawyer in Ontario with a practice devoted entirely to provincial parole, Rachel appears multiple times before the Ontario Parole Board nearly every week. Working with Jeff Rybak, she has represented hundreds of clients in their parole hearings.

Stacy Francalanza

Paralegal and Case Manager

Stacy Francalanza

Paralegal and Case Manager

Trained as a licensed paralegal, Stacy case manages parole files for our clients, to ensure everything is in order before each hearing. She works with our clients and their families to ensure each plan is as strong as possible.


Articles and updates surrounding parole in Ontario

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Introduction to Parole – Part 1

Here’s the first in a planned series of videos. It’s hosted on my YouTube channel, but I’ll create space for them here, also.


Get help today - sooner is always better

Successful parole hearings are all about preparation. So the more time we have to get ready, the better off we are. Although a parole on short notice can still turn out well, once you realize you'll be heading into a hearing, there's no reason to delay. Please contact us now for free consultation.

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